About J. Gwyn


I grew up in an adventurous family. We lived all over Colorado while I was growing up and took full advantage of it by camping almost more weekends then we were home. Hiking and exploring were always my favorite parts. I am a self-professed leisurely hiker even back in those days. I stopped often to soak in a particularly lush meadow, a unique leaf, or wonder at how the light cuts through the branches. It was around this time that I started swiping my mom's point and shoot cameras and keeping them with me to take on these hikes. I became obsessed with trying to save these moments in nature to treasure later (or to be deleted to make room for something new because I was a finicky young person). Creating has always come so natural to me. I am right brained alllllll the way. Band-geek was a badge of honor for me and I played four instruments throughout my eight year band career. Writing for the longest time was my favorite form of creative expression. Essays did not make me groan out-loud in class. I reveled in the opportunity to learn more about a subject and present it in the most creative or innovative way I could in my reporting. That same excitement to take a new subject and share it from a new perspective has translated so seamlessly into my photography. Once I seriously decided to pick up a camera, photography has always felt the most natural and effective tool for me to indulge my creative urges and simultaneously share a story.

I married my sweet husband, Gideon, (as seen above) in July 2016 after seven of years of dating. You read that right, seven years! We were engaged and married in exactly 2 months. We were insane for planning and executing a wedding in such a short time but, after dating so long, we saw no point in waiting any longer to seal the deal! We had a small backyard wedding at a family home that held tons of memories and history for his (the Rainey) side. It felt natural to us that the place that held so many precious memories would be the perfect place to make a new one! My short, crazy experience as a bride gave me a real insight into the process all my couples go through in the brief time they are engaged. Being engaged is a time for change both good and little uncomfortable that ultimately leads to the creation of a new family with its own unique purpose in this world. My heart is truly to make the whole experience of working together toward your new beginning an honest collaboration and most importantly lots of fun!

I would absolutely describe myself as an introvert with a deep love for people. In a casual social situation, I feel best when I keep to myself or any of my close friends/husband.  Something happens to me, though, when I get in an environment where I am getting to create and collaborate with other people. Getting together with people with intention pulls this outgoing and bold side of me! This boldness, I feel truly reveals that this is what I was made to do. Purpose has the power to override fear and push anything that does not fit into it out. I feel I was meant to do this. Photography is the medium that has really freed me to fuse my heart for people and my desire to create. Passion for both is what moves me and gets me pumped everyday to do what I do!